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magnifying glasses affects psychologically

The Magical Effects of Magnifying Glass and Telescopes

People usually assume magnifying glasses only help seniors physically, but rarely aware magnifying glasses can help psychologically. We would like to share paragraphs excerpted from “99 years old, no matter how old” by Yoshizawa Hisako, a famous Japanese column writer and essayist.

Happy senior life - Keep curiosity with a magnifying glass

“Although I subscribed to three newspapers, I would not read it from start to finish, but only read the headlines of interest. Newspapers reported what happened all over the world, which can be said to be a peek into the world.

If a sentence that I don't understand or like is published in the newspaper, I will immediately look it up in the dictionary, repeating it repeatedly and tirelessly, it can be said that the dictionary does not leave my hand. Pursuing something of interest and researching something related to a certain topic is a very happy thing, without worrying about anyone at all. If learning and hobbies are for appearance and entertainment, it would be too boring; and the biggest advantage of living alone is not to care about anyone?

There are magnifying glasses everywhere in my house. Because my deceased spouse Furuya said, "No matter how small, don't miss the beautiful things in the world." In order not to regret it, I deliberately picked up a magnifying glass and observed it carefully.

Magnifying Glasses Are Not Only Used Indoor But Also Used Outdoor

In the yard, the flowers of Rotala rotundifolia bloom in full bloom in spring. It is a pity that the flower shape is too small to see clearly with the naked eye. At this time, I will use a magnifying glass to take a closer look. The delicate flowers are very beautiful. I am often moved by the fact that such a small flower can bloom so beautifully.

With a magnifier that helps a senior keeping curiosity

For a long time, I have regarded observing various flowers as the greatest pleasure. Occasionally, I use my telescope to observe the birds, civet cats and snakes visiting the yard. The magnifying glass and binoculars are really amazing inventions. Every time a new discovery is made, I will be thrilled.

Magnifiers/Binoculars/Telescopes Bringing A Lot of Fun and Joy to Seniors

With a little attention from daily life, you can find a lot of fun and joy even without going out. I also deeply realized that even at this age, there are still many things I don't know!

Therefore, I strongly recommend that you only need one time, even if you feel cheated, please try to observe the buds and flowers with a magnifying glass. You will definitely be shocked by the beauty of nature. Seeing these beautiful and powerful things, my heart will be moved.

Every day with curiosity, I go to see and ask everything, and when I don’t understand, I go to study or ask people for advice. Curiosity and the spirit of having fun have nothing to do with age. In order to be able to live happily every day, I hope that I can always hold this indispensable mood.” 

with a magnifier helps developing hobbies

The Magical Effects of Magnifying Glass and Telescopes | precision optical magnifiers for businesses | E-Tay

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