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Kids Binoculars is suitable for observing nature while on outdoor activities | E-Tay magnifier factory is a professional manufacturer to offer superior quality magnifying glass products,and provide perfact service for our clients.

Kids Binoculars, Sports Binoculars

Kids Binoculars

Kids Binoculars is suitable for observing nature while on outdoor activities

Exactly which binocular and what type of binocular to get for your child depends a lot on their age and experience in using them, which I will go through in order below:

The ideal alternative to having your kids smudging the lenses and potentially damaging your expensive optics is to get them a cheaper pair of binoculars that are not only less painful for you to replace should they drop them, but will actually make it easier for them to use and thus means they will probably use and enjoy them more.


After a quick search online, you will find that there are quite literally thousands of "children's binoculars" on the market, the problem is, most are nothing but very cheap toys that do little more than blur the image when you look through them!

With a pair of these don't be surprised if your child's interest in using them is very short-lived.


So to prevent this, I will point out the all the important features to look out for that make an ideal binocular for a child, present the instruments that my daughter and I have tested and reviewed over the years as well as take a look at what we feel are the best available taking into account your budget as well as your child's age.


Below are the most important features and aspects to keep in mind when looking for a good pair of binoculars for kids:


Avoid high power binoculars. I would say that even for teenagers, the maximum magnification for almost all hand-held uses should be 8x.

Whilst high powered binoculars sound exciting and you may think you will see more, there are many downsides to higher magnifications, even for adults, but which have an even greater impact when younger eyes are using the device:

Image Shake

Firstly, any movement that you make with your hands gets multiplied because of the magnification. Therefore, a high powered binocular with a highly magnified image is much harder to keep still and shake-free which in turn makes it much harder to achieve a good view of what you are trying to look at.

As you know kids find it hard to stay still at the best of times and they tend to have less stable hands than adults, so if they only see a blurry, shaky image when looking through their bins, it won't be long until they get bored and give up trying to use them.

Exit Pupil Size

A lower-powered binocular will also produce a larger exit pupil than one with the same size lenses, but a higher magnification.

This means the image will look brighter in poor light but makes and makes it much easier for your child to line up their eyes with the shafts of light exiting the eyepieces.

This, in turn, makes the binocular far easier for them to use and ensures they see the full image without any dark rings forming on the edges of the view.

Wider View

Another advantage of keeping the magnification down is that lower-powered bins will produce a wider view, which also offers a number of advantages important for everyone, but especially important for kids. For more, see field of view below.


A wide field of view (the width of the image that you see through your optics) will make it much easier for your child to locate what it is they are looking for through when they bring the binoculars up to their face.

Then on top of this, it also makes it easier for them to follow fast-moving or erratic objects like birds for example.

So if you have a choice between two binoculars that are very similar in all other aspects, take a look at their FOV's and go for the one that is wider.

Tip: Binoculars with higher magnifications have a more zoomed-in image with a narrower field of view, so to help make sure you get a wide view, keep the magnification to under 8x and possibly look for bins with a 7x or even 6x power.


Binoculars with large objective lenses take in more light and therefore, in general, will produce a brighter image which is optimal. The downside to this is obviously that the binoculars become larger and heavier.

Standard sized binoculars are optimized for larger hands and so it will be difficult for your child to hold the steady and especially difficult for them to adjust the focus wheel.

So even though they may not perform as well, I would still recommend that you opt for pocket or compact binoculars for younger children and then possibly a mid-sized instrument for teenagers. This will make it much easier not only for your child to carry, but also to hold up to their face and keep steady.


A pair of binocular that has been specifically designed with children in mind should

have all of the features listed above. This however is sadly not always the case.

Children's binoculars come in a few guises: ones that are little more than toys and are really not suitable for anything other than pretending to look through them. Then there are a few ones that are actually pretty decent binoculars and with many of the features that we are looking for and then are just a couple that are truly great.

Sure you have to pay a little more, but you can be sure that not only are you getting an instrument that is designed with kids in mind, but also uses the same optics and features as that of the adult versions.


Customers' logo or design can be imprinted on the the cover of kids magnifying glasses, bug viewers/ magnifying cups and kids binoculars, low MOQ. (Please refer to the detailed product page for MOQ for each items.)Welcome to purchase a lot! It is ideal and popular products to act as giveaway items for promotional purposes.


-Cover of kids binoculars magnifier accept custom logo/color printing.
Please be cooperative and provide artwork as requirement when placing order. .
-Magnification of lens accepts custom-made.
We provide 2X 3X 4X 5X magnification lens let you choose. If you have additional requirements, please contact us.

kids binoculars Printing Reference

Customized parts of packing bag/box including

Material of packing bag accepts custom-made.
We supply opp bags, ziplock bags, CPE bags, etc.(welcome custom requirements)
-Packing bag/box of product accepts custom logo printing.

Why choose E-TAY kids binoculars?

We also continuously improve the quality of our magnifying glass products and have FDA recognized and CE/RoHS compliant and supply high quality customized products with low MOQ. With 5 decades experience manufacturing magnifier, E-TAY are the most reliable.

Kids Binoculars

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