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Professional factory for producing magnifier | E-Tay magnifier factory is a professional manufacturer to offer superior quality magnifying glass products,and provide perfact service for our clients.

Professional factory for producing magnifier

About Factory

E-Tay Industrial Co., Ltd. Has been established for more than 30 years (since 1980).

We focus on development and manufacturing of magnifiers since beginning and have cumulated much know-how and got good reputation from the customer in these fields.

The mission of Quality, Service Innovation composes the core target of this company. The never-stop improving at product technology, quality control, has been satisfactory to the customers all over the world.

We also offer OEM and ODM products development to meet the special need of clients who need their own belonging products or good potential products in their market.

E-Tay Industrial Co., Ltd. is dnb verified

About Factory | industrial magnifying glass supplier | E-Tay

Located in Taiwan since 1980, E-TAY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a magnifying glass products manufacturer. It's wide range of magnifying glasses include, magnifying glass with light, eclipse glasses, kids magnifying glasses, dome magnifiers, reading magnifiers, hand free magnifiers, hand held magnifiers, headband magnifiers, which are FDA approved and CE/RoHS compliant in the optical industry.

E-Tay is one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of optical magnifiers for a wide variety of applications and magnifying glass, fresnel CPV solar magnifier lens Since 1980.

E-Tay continuously to designing innovative magnifiers, both with advanced technology and 38 years of experience, E-Tay ensures that each customer's demands are met.