• LED Lighted Magnifier
    LED Lighted
  • Hand Held Magnifier
    Hand Held
  • Expand your  reading horizons
    Expand your
    reading horizons
  • See the World  with Low Vision
    See the World
    with Low Vision

Serve The Best To Our Clients

E-Tay magnifier factory is a professional manufacturer to offer superior quality magnifying glass products,and provide perfact service for our clients.

See Better and Look Better

Professional factory for producing Magnifier, magnifying glass, Loupes, Lighted Magnifier, Page Magnifier, Handband Magnifier, etc. Manufacturing Magnification Devices Since 1980…

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Hot Products

  • Magnifying Glass with Light
    Magnifying Glass with Light

    If you like reading books in the dark or dimed lighting then LED lighted magnifier may suite your needs. A high quality lighted magnifier is the most important tool...

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  • Pendant Magnifier with Necklace
    Pendant Magnifier with Necklace

    Pendant magnifiers are the inconspicuous ideal magnifier for those that need a little extra help throughout the day. Attractive and always at hand, they feature...

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  • Magnifying Sheet
    Magnifying Sheet

    Page magnifiers are flat, full page sized, sheets of plastic or glass with small ridges etched in the sheet. They are also called Fresnel magnifiers. They are ideal...

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