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Giftionery and culture creative Taipei | E-Tay magnifier factory is a professional manufacturer to offer superior quality magnifying glass products,and provide perfact service for our clients.

Giftionery and culture creative Taipei

Review of Giftionery & Culture Creative Taipei

The Taipei International Gifts, Stationery and Cultural and Creative Exhibition has been postponed for 7 months due to the new corona pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic.

10 Dec, 2020 E-TAY

Magnifier Factory booth to watch

LED light anti-glare magnifying glass

The LED anti-glare magnifying glass displayed this time is the company's annual star product. Different from the traditional LED lamp beads, the LED anti-glare magnifying glass uses SMD LED strips with adjustable brightness (from low light to super bright), no glare, and more power saving. In addition to the battery version, there is also a USB charging version.

Page Magnifying Sheet for Reading

Page magnifying glass for reading has always been our strong product, helping many users solve the problem of frequently moving the magnifying glass to read large books and newspapers. The rectangular A4 or A5 size reading book page magnifier has nearly double the magnification area of ​​the traditional round magnifier (4 corners can also be magnified). The magnifying glass for reading book pages made of high-definition Fresnel lens allows the objects to be magnified without distortion and equally clear.

Office stationery hemispherical magnifying glass Paperweight

Hemispherical magnifying glass paperweight is a very practical and beautiful office stationery. Transparent and sleek, the texture that looks like crystal is the best choice for souvenirs and gifts. Products can be customized laser engraving or printing or packaging.

Card Magnifier/Bookmark Magnifier for Gifts

The credit card-sized card magnifying glass and the long-shaped bookmark magnifying glass are easy to carry, and it’s no problem to put them in your pocket or wallet. Card magnifying glass and bookmark magnifying glass can be customized for printing. It is highly recommended for personal promotional gifts and company promotional giveaways.

Magnifier Factory booth activity

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During the exhibition, all the people who visit this booth like our FB fan page and confirmed by our on-site staff.  They will get a convenient and light card magnifying glass.

Booth Information
  • November 5-8, 2020
  • Taipei World Trade Center I
  • Booth: A0525

Review of Giftionery & Culture Creative Taipei | Durable Magnifiers for Industrial Use | E-Tay

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