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E-TAY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., since 1980, is a Necklace Magnifier | magnifier manufacturer that is specialized in providing magnifiers with FDA recognized and CE/RoHS compliant, based in Taiwan.

E-Tay supplies a wide range of magnifiers such as magnifying glass with light, eclipse glasses, kids magnifying glasses, dome magnifiers, reading magnifiers, hand free magnifiers, hand held magnifiers, headband magnifiers, etc.

E-Tay continuously to design innovative magnifiers, both with advanced technology and 38 years of experience, E-Tay ensures each customer's demands are met.

Necklace Magnifier

Necklace magnifying glass can wear around your neck to complement your favorite outfits

Pendant magnifying glass with necklace
Pendant magnifying glass with necklace

This necklace magnifier is a great accessory that you can wear around your neck to complement your favorite outfits (day or night). At the same time, it will provide the convenience of a 3x magnifying glass for that added boost when you need it.

Necklace magnifiers are the inconspicuous ideal magnifier for those that need a little extra help throughout the day. Attractive and always at hand, they feature a glass lens to resist scratching from contact with buttons, zippers, or other jewelry. Mounts, handle, and chain are gold - plated metal.

E-Tay is a professional factory for producing magnifier, we also offer customized magnifier products services with low MOQ, dedicating to provide the widest range of magnifier products. We have FDA recognized and CE/RoHS compliant to supply the most professional magnifying glass products. Furthermore, we provide a range of service, including product manufacturing and packages printing.

Customized necklace magnifier with low MOQ

We dedicate to provide the widest range of magnifier products. Customers' logo or design can be imprinted on the the necklace magnifiers, low MOQ. (Please refer to the detailed product page for MOQ for each items.)Welcome to purchase a lot! It is ideal and popular products to act as giveaway items for promotional purposes.

Customized parts of necklace magnifier including

-Cover of portable magnifier accepts custom logo/color printing.
Please be cooperative and provide artwork as requirement when placing order. .
-Magnification of lens accepts custom-made.
We provide 2X 3X 4X 5X magnification lens let you choose. If you have additional requirements, please contact us.

Customized parts of packing bag/box including

-Material of packing bag accepts custom-made.
We supply opp bags, ziplock bags, CPE bags, etc.(welcome custom requirements)
-Packing bag/box of product accepts custom logo printing.
Below are some regular packages of portable magnifier for your reference.

Why choose E-TAY necklace magnifier?

We also continuously improve the quality of our magnifying glass products and have FDA recognized and CE/RoHS compliant and supply high quality customized products with low MOQ. With 6 decades experience manufacturing magnifier, E-TAY are the most reliable.

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