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Application of Fresnel Lens in Daily Consumption

The Fresnel lens has been used in many ways of our daily consumption. You can find it in the camera;s focusing screen, LED spotlight, ATM machines, buses, trucks, solar panel cells, magnfiers, traffic lights, 3D/VR glasses, and infrared sensor of human body.

Fresnel Lens’ Role of The Camera's Focusing Screen

Current camera focusing screens are frosted glass, which has the advantage of being bright and uniform in brightness. When the focus is not accurate, the image on the focusing screen is not clear. In order to coordinate more precise focusing, a split image and a micro-ring device are generally installed in the center of the focusing screen. When the focus is not accurate, the image of the subject in the center of the focusing screen splits into two images. When the two images are combined into one, the focus is accurate. The standard focusing screen of an AF SLR machine generally does not have a split image device, but is engraved with a small rectangular frame to indicate the AF area, and some focusing screens are also engraved with partial metering or spot metering areas. When the early AF SLR cameras were focusing in a dark environment, it was often difficult to see the focus frame, and it was difficult to determine which point the camera was focusing on. The focus point on the focusing screen of the new generation SLR cameras would glow or there would be a focusing sound. Prompt, easy to confirm the focus in a complex environment. Different types of focusing screens have different purposes. For portraits, it is better to use split-image focusing screens. Focusing screens with horizontal and vertical lines or scales are suitable for building photography and document copying; there is no split image in the middle part but only a micro-edge focusing The screen is suitable for small aperture lens, it will not have the shortcomings of split image which is bright and black. The focus screen of many SLR cameras can be replaced by the user. Also called threaded lens.

Fresnel Lens’ Role As LED Spotlight

Fresnel lens is used in LED light source to increase light efficiency and increase brightness. Compared with the same lens and LED lights, the focal length is different, the distance is different, how to set the angle of the emitted light arbitrarily, a single lamp or multiple array LED lights can be designed according to requirements. It is suitable for LED flood light, colorful flood light, illuminating light, landscape light, signal light, various lamps and lanterns. Features: Fresnel lens' ultra-thin structure, large size, arbitrary shape cutting, excellent light transmittance, etc. have more advantages than traditional convex lenses, and its weight is less than convex lenses, so it is suitable for many occasions.

Fresnel Lens’ Role As Rear View Wide-Angle Lens

Fresnel lens wide-angle lens is suitable for trucks, household hatchback buses, four-wheel drive off-road vehicles, and other vehicles without a "tail", and often do not know what is "hidden" behind the car. This lens uses a unique Fresnel lens technology. It only needs to be attached to the inner side of the rear window to provide the driver with a large angle of vision to see the obstacles in the previously invisible blind spot, increasing the rear view range.

Fresnel Lens’ Role Of Concentrating Solar Panel Cells

Concentrating photovoltaic lens is one of the core components of the third-generation high-concentration photovoltaic solar power generation. As a precision optical device, solar panels can increase the power generation capacity by several times. Yutai can design different specifications of Fresnel lens according to the customer's concentration ratio and the size of the solar panel to achieve the desired concentration effect.

Fresnel Lens’ Role In The Field Of Magnification

Fresnel magnifying glass, this is an ultra-thin magnifying glass. It is made of transparent plexiglass (of course you can also use more materials). The minimum thickness of the Fresnel magnifier made of PVC can be between 0.45mm~0.90mm. Unlike ordinary magnifiers, its surface is covered with tiny stripes, and its swirling stripes contain many convex lenses (Referred to as circular ring), which causes the light passing through it to bend to produce a diffraction phenomenon, thereby forming an enlarged image.

Fresnel lens is characterized by higher brightness than ordinary lenses, flat surface, and larger radiation area. Generally, the diameter of ordinary concave-convex lenses is very limited, but Fresnel plays a very good role in the field of magnifiers, and achieves the effect that ordinary ordinary lenses cannot achieve. Moreover, the thickness of the Fresnel magnifiers made now is only 0.45mm, and it is portable. In fact, the main function is to reduce the weight and volume of ordinary plexiglass and glass magnifiers made by
traditional magnifiers.

Fresnel Lenses Apply To Traffic Lights

Due to the popularity of high-power LEDs, the use of single or several LEDs as light sources, and the use of Fresnel lenses with microarray lenses as luminous bodies instead of multiple LEDs as light sources to form traffic lights has become a trend in the development of the industry. It has been put into use in many countries around the world.

Fresnel Lenses Apply To 3D/VR Glasses

In order to make 3D lenses thinner and lighter, some 3D glasses use Fresnel lenses. This lens has the same curvature as a normal lens, but has threads of different sizes engraved on one side. Because the light beam hits the lens from different angles, it feels that the distance between the eye and the object is far, but in fact the distance is not that far. Using Fresnel lens 3D glasses means you need to make a certain sacrifice. You can make a multi-threaded lens so that you can see clearer images.

Fresnel Lens In The Infrared Sensor of The Human Body:

The Fresnel lens uses the special optical principle of the lens to produce an alternating "blind zone" and "high-sensitivity zone" in front of the detector to improve its detection and reception sensitivity. When someone walks in front of the lens, the infrared rays emitted by the human body will alternately enter the “high-sensitivity area” from the “blind area”, so that the received infrared signal is input in the form of sudden strong and weak pulses, thereby enhancing its energy amplitude . The Fresnel lens has two functions: one is focusing, that is, the pyro-infrared signal is refracted (reflected) on the PIR, and the second is to divide the detection area into several bright and dark areas, so that it can enter the detection area The moving object can produce a change pyro-infrared signal on the PIR in the form of temperature change. Simply put, there are equidistant tooth patterns on one side of the lens. Through these tooth patterns, the optical bandpass (reflection or refraction) of the specified spectral range can be achieved. Bandpass optical filters for traditional polished optical equipment are expensive to manufacture. Fresnel lenses can greatly reduce costs.

Fresnel lens in the infrared sensor of the human body

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