How To Choose A Good Magnifying Glass?

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E-Tay How To Choose A Good Magnifying Glass? Introduction

E-TAY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Optical Industry. E-Tay has been offering our customers high quality Magnifying Glass, Magnifying Sheet, Headband Magnifier, Lighted Magnifier, Page Magnifier since 1980. With both advanced technology and 38 years experience, E-Tay always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

How To Choose A Good Magnifying Glass?

When one thinks of a magnifying glass, they tend to think of the big classic type lens. However, in actual use, you want a lightweight, and powerful magnifier that has impeccable optics and is simple to use. Utilizing the best magnifier for demanding jobs like inspecting diamonds and gemstones is essential to their occupation, while hobbyists who collect rocks and minerals just need to buy a decent magnifier that they can afford to lose.

Let we know "What is a good magnifier" before we choose the good magnifier:

What is a good magnifying glass?

2X and 3X Lenses are the most popular choices for an average user as it offers higher magnification without sacrificing the field of vision (diameter of the lens). On the other hand, a 10X magnifier will reduce the field of vision significantly, but it will give you a closer look at tiny rocks, crystals, minerals, microfossils, etc.

We recommand lighted 3X handheld magnifier for daily reading. 3X illuminated handheld magnifying glass provides evenly & sufficient lighting without glare and light viewing area for reading in dim condition.

Always check the lens for scratches. Place the magnifying glass on a piece of white paper and see if the lens adds any color of its own. Then pick it up and examine other objects, specifically objects with more colors.

There are tons of cheap inferior magnifying glasses out there claiming 20X, 30X, and even 45X magnifications, yet they sell for less than $10. These are false claims as any magnifier over 20X magnification will have such a small field of vision that they are no longer considered magnifiers, but rather loupes . Higher quality lenses with high magnifications are also more difficult to produce, consequently they tend to be more expensive.

Buying a brand name magnifier, while not always a guarantee of quality, means you can contact the manufacturer if anything goes wrong. E-Tay Industrial Co.,Ltd. specializes in magnifier manufacture more than 30 years with more than 5000 square meters of factory building area . Our core is OEM processing and ODM business, and is a magnifying glass product enterprise with the ability to develop, produce and sell. We are a professional factory for producing magnifier,

With a wide range of styles and features to choose from, finding the right magnifying glass for your needs may seem a rather daunting task. But instead of exploring every option on the market, think of finding the right magnifier as shopping for your next pair of shoes: you want comfort and the best style, but above all you want the right fit.

To help with your selection, consider these two simple steps:

Step 1 – The Purposes or Applications of Magnifier

First and foremost, you should decide what purpose your magnifying glass is going to serve. It’s far better to let the project determine the magnifier required, than to try and turn a single magnifying glass into a one-size-fits-all tool:

Do you need to enlarge the print of your book, map, newspaper, or crossword puzzle?
- Consider a handheld reading magnifier .
Do you want to look fashionable when taking your magnifier to the restaurant or grocery store for deciphering menus and labels?
- A pendant or keychain magnifier might work best for you.
Do you need to magnify a hobby that requires the use of your hands or other tools, such as knitting or model-building?
- One of the many hands-free options is probably your best choice.
Does your project involve studying the fine details of a gem, stamp, or document?
- A jeweler's loupe is ideal for this type of work.

Step 2 – Product Features of Magnifier

A number of components contribute to the performance of your magnifying glass, but for the average user, there are three main features you should consider:


It may sound strange, but the magnifier with the highest power isn't always the best choice. The human eye has an optimal viewing distance: the closer we hold an object to our eyes, the more of its detail we can theoretically see, but it will be out of focus. That's where the magnifying glass comes in. A magnifier with a 2X power, for example, enlarges an object and lets us see it as though it were two times closer to our eyes, but the object remains in focus. Does that mean that a magnifier offering 20X power is ten times more useful than our 2X magnifier? Not necessarily. There are limits to the practicality of a high-powered magnifying glass, because of the way that magnification, focal length and field of view work together.

Focal Length

The focal length of a magnifier is the distance from its lens to the object being viewed, when the object is in focus. The power and focal length of a magnifying glass are actually inversely related. In other words, the higher the magnification, the shorter a magnifier’s working distance is, and vice versa. Having sufficient room to manoeuver beneath the lens is an important consideration when your hobby or project requires the use of tools, and it’s one of the reasons why a higher magnification isn’t always the better choice.

Field of View

The field of view refers to the size of the area that's in focus when viewed through a magnifier’s lens. In much the same way that focal length is inversely related to magnification, so too is the field of view. The higher the power of a magnifying glass, the smaller its field of view will be. That means you'll be able to see more detail with a higher magnification, but only across a relatively small area. Generally speaking, a 2-3X magnifier offering a larger field of view is better for scanning activities like reading, while the smaller field associated with a higher magnification would be more appropriate for the inspection of fine detail.

Choose the suitable magnifier according your needs.Or tell us your needs, we will recommend the most suitable magnifying glass. 2 kinds of magnifier for example. Handband magnifier lets your hands free to work and ideal for Art/Craft professionals, hobbyist, jeweler, modellers, etc. bar magnifier will have magnification effect when touching a page and enables you to read the targeted rows of texts accurately without misreading the lines. People who deal with figures will find it indispensable. As it lies flat on the paper, it is used hands free.

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What is the best magnifier for reading books?

A book magnifier comes in different shapes and styles. Determine first where you like to read. Perhaps it's your favorite reading chair, in your bed or at your desk. Where you like to read will make a difference as to what reading aids will be most helpful to you.

1. Improve Your Lighting
By simply getting a brighter light or changing the type of light you use can make a big difference. Magnifier lamp with LED lights is the best choice for you.Use brighter LED and adjustable gooseneck arm so that the light is directed onto your reading material. Use one that has not only an adjustable height but has a easy clip onto headboard,bedstead,desk..

2. Read Large Print Books
Page LED Page Magnifier has ideal magnification for reading small prints, viewing , and checking tiny hobby and crafting material. Size:29.5x6.5 inch covers large area of a page.
This led page magnifier is equipped with 12 energy efficient led lights, they are designed to last for more than 25,000 hours without burning out or overheating. They are bright enough for reading in dim condition, the neck yard to hang the magnifier around neck providing hands-free experience.

Once you’ve determined the style and technical features that best suit your needs, you may also want to consider some of these important magnifying glass properties
*lens quality (distortion, color clarity, scratch-resistance)
*weight, comfort, and ease of use
*durability of frame or handle
*incorporation of a light source
Although the perfect lightweight magnifier, combining a clear, high magnification with a wide viewing area is an optical impossibility, finding the perfect magnifying glass for your personal needs is not only possible, it’s a definite reality.
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